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The Right Way to Sneeze – Please People

September 16, 2010 1 comment

The Right Way to Sneeze
By Sandra Torres

This is something we all need to learn and practice. I can’t stand when I see someone be so careless, unfortunately there are too many germs floating around. There are many diseases that can be spread from person to person by a sneeze or cough. I definitely don’t want to share your germs or touch what you touched after you sneezed or coughed into your hand.

Take your part in controlling your germs and sickness’. The problem is most people are selfish and as much as they are very critical of others and what they do, they are not considerate of them or don’t think they should abide by the same rules. Take your part, and if everyone played a role we’d all be a little healthier.

I recommend you practice this All the time and be considerate of others.

When you cough or sneeze, never cough or sneeze directly into the air and never ever into your hand(s). To prevent germs, when you cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow. Bring your arm up to your face and cough or sneeze into your elbow bend as oppose to your hand. You’re going to need your hand again. You’re going to have to grab on to something “public” or touch something, or never know when you need to shake someone’s hand.

Use hand sanitizers whenever you can- carry around those little bottles and use it often in public – especially if you’re the type who is always extending a warm handshake out. Have you noticed people today aren’t so receptive to shake hands too much? They would rather give you a pound – which is a fist to fist touch.

Wash your hands often as well, If I have a tendency to itch my face or rub my eye, I definitely don’t want to do it after I touched something that was sneezed on. So I wash my hands often and if I don’t have a bathroom around, I use my hand sanitizer. If I’m out of sanitizer, I tend to use the sleeve of my jacket or shirt to rub my eye if I have to.

The goal is prevention. Be more aware of what’s around you and play your part in spreading less germs. It’s better for all of us.

Sandra Torres

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About the Author:

Sandra Torres is a Business and Marketing Coach, Self-help Author, Fitness Enthusiast and Mother of a wonderful teenage boy.  Sandra works creating and writing ad copy, web content, developing sales strategies to drive sales and often does Social Media Trainings.  As a Business Coach, she helps small business owners, individuals and corporate executives effectively operate their businesses through guidance and consulting.

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Find new health in the Ipod Shuffle 4th Gen

September 15, 2010 1 comment

Wow! This tiny little shuffle is my new best running mate. Since I received my new one last week it has increased my running performance.

Running has always been fun for me, well more like the result of what running does has always felt good to me. But it’s easy to quit when you don’t have a partner and can literally hear yourself breathing. Not sure how many of you out there actually run but the day I got my shuffle I loaded some songs in there and I couldn’t help but have the urge to go running.

This week I am back up to 4 days per week of running and my legs and my heart feel amazing.

This tiny little shuffle has no weight, it clips right on to my workout top and off I go.  It is so easy for me to click and change the song as I’m running.
This new 4th gen Ipod shuffle is tiny, it’s awesome and it’s getting my butt back into shape.  My old one was too big and bulky and I didn’t want to put uneven weight on my arm with an armband. The new Ipod nano’s look pretty awesome too. This one is just ideal for me and my needs and for $49, I couldn’t go wrong. It’s a great boost and has gotten me back on my running grind. I love it. And I highly recommend this little guy to everyone who needs a pep in their step. It definitely gets you in the mood. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. Thanks Apple, I feel healthier already!

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About the Author:

Sandra Torres is a Business and Marketing Coach, Self-help Author, Fitness Enthusiast and Mother of a wonderful teenage boy.  Sandra works creating and writing ad copy, web content, developing sales strategies to drive sales and often does Social Media Trainings.  As a Business Coach, she helps small business owners, individuals and corporate executives effectively operate their businesses through guidance and consulting.

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3 Exercises to Perfectly Toned Arms

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment

People always want to know what are the easiest ways to strong, lean, toned arms. Well, the exercises are easy, getting dedicated to doing them daily is much harder. These exercises are the start of strength and health. I am a strong believer in muscle confusion and creating new ways to attack and work all the muscles in your arms and body. The following sets of 3 exercises are the fastest Iíve found that work best at creating definition.

First and foremost, begin with a good stretch. Stretching your arms is extremely important to do before and after any and all arm strengthening exercises. The best way to give yourself a good stretch is to use a doorway or wall edge. Grab at and walk through the door way with your arm holding onto the edge so your arm is completely extended out behind you, as if youíre walking through and your arm is left behind you holding on. Do a good pull and twist movement and really feel it.

If you’re outside or don’t have a doorway to use, make sure you bring your arm in front and across your chest while using the opposite hand to pull towards you. You can also reach up, grab your elbow with opposite hand and pull back. And lastly, put your hands on your hips and motion your elbows, with your hands still on your hips, to point in front of you, as much as you can that is, Make sure you do both hands. Then shake it off, do an arm wiggle. And mentally prepare and commit to the sets.

Exercise 1; Push Ups- Push-ups are great for strength and really start to build your core muscle and strength structure. Push-ups give you strength; if you’re a beginner do 3 sets of 5 push-ups. If you need to do it with bended knees do 3 sets of 7. That’s your goal, there’s no giving up. I don’t want to hear, “I can’t do it,” because you can.

Exercise 2; Dips – Dips are done to work the tri-ceps primarily but really work out your entire arm. Dips can be done just about anywhere with just about anything, even with nothing.
Dips can be done:

* On the floor- beginning with sitting straight up on the floor and your knees bent, pick up your butt of the floor and start your dips, feeling and concentrating your strength on your triceps move up and down by bending your arms up and down. Reps 3 sets of 13.

* With a chair or bench-sit at the edge of the chair pick your butt up and go down as low as you can in front of the chair while your arms are holding on to the edge of the chair. Beginners might try this with knees bent and the entire feet are flat on the ground. Advanced or the more experienced can try with legs fully extended out in front of you. So when you are dipping only your heels are touching the floor.

Exercise 3; Pull ups – Ok, most people donít have a pull up bar at home. The ones that fit on the door way are really great and if you can you should purchase one. Otherwise hit the park, some parks have exercise trails and a pull up bar if not, go to where the kids play, monkey bars are not just for kids, they can help you and you can use them.

Pull ups are a challenge. Most starting out can barely do one or two. But over time you will notice yourself improving. Initially if you need help, and you probably will, use a partner to help, a chair, stool, rubber stretch band or something you can use for assistance. You will still feel your muscles being worked and eventually you will be able to do them unassisted.

Focus all your mind and attention on your arms. Pull up and then come down slowly all the way, the goal is to be committed to doing the reps and completing them. The more your arms get accustomed to the exercise, the easier and easier it gets to complete your reps on your own. Also a great way to build strength is to change up the position of your arms in between reps. If you do your first rep with your arms at shoulder width apart with your grip facing you, move your arms further apart for the next rep, or closer, or change your grip away from you. Tip: You might want to use some workout gloves, otherwise you’ll get blister hands.

Pull-ups are not just for arms, if you feel your abs being worked, it’s because they are. Pull-ups have a great impact on your abs. Reps: start with 5 sets of 5 and if you can do more, do them.

Do these exercises at least 4 to 5 times per week and remember to commit. Next I will show you other easy arm and chest exercises to add and change-up to your workout. Feeling strong in your arms gets addictive and you will start to care about your overall health.

Do FRS Energy Drinks really work?

August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Have you tried the FRS energy drinks promoted by Lance Armstrong? Have you even heard of them? Their advertising is all over yahoo and various pages on the web. Not that I need a famous face to sell me a product but Lance Armstrong does add tremendous credibility to the product. I think the whole marketing campaign of “Are you tired of being tired?” sold me because I was tired of being tired. Who wants to be tired anyway? Sadly we wake up wishing we could stay in bed all day. We take a shower and get dressed because we have to do it not because we want to do it.

So I ordered it, I mean I only had to pay $6.95 shipping and handling and it wasn’t such a tremendous risk. They didn’t even put me on those automatic bill plans, so I was willing to try it. What could I lose?

At the time I was living in a 3 bedroom, 1500 square foot apartment with my 13 year old boy and my 4 year old pug. Needless to say both of them are messy. Constantly picking up after them was getting me tired. As far as cleaning, I could never do the entire condo at once. It just was way too big for me alone. So I always had a tendency to break up my cleaning workload.

Well, just a few days later, I received my package. It was a typical Saturday. I had dropped my son off at a baseball game and was planning on watching a movie on the couch for a few. I was tired after a long week. Well I opened the box and saw they sent me Peach Mango flavored can, some lime flavored chewables, an orange concentrate bottle and some orange flavored ready to make powder drinks.

So I drank the Peach-mango can because that one was ready to drink and involved me doing nothing more than popping the can open. I feared the carbonated taste that I received from Red Bull. Don’t get me wrong Red Bull gives me energy, but I have to force myself to drink it or get in the mood to drink it.

Oh my goodness, the taste was far beyond what I was expecting. It was good, I mean really good. I mean really, really good. Yum. But then I thought, I’m not really one to spend an average of $2 a can for just a good drink. I’ll settle for the OJ or fruit drinks they sell at my grocery store. Does this stuff really work? Can it help me be more energetic? How long will it take to “kick in?” What was to come next was nothing I would have ever expected.

People laugh at me every time I tell them this story, but it’s so true.

Guys, I went and picked up a shampoo cleaner at the store, which in itself is a mission. And I actually shampooed my rugs. But wait, not just some of my rugs, I did all 1500 square feet of my condo in one day, twice. I even had the energy to clean both my bathrooms top to bottom, 2 loads of laundry and mop my kitchen.

I tried the product because I love things that are good for you. It’s an entire Free Radical System loaded with vitamins and good stuff. It supports your immune system, well I’m all for that, and being backed by Lance Armstrong and many other top rated fitness athletes helped me to believe it.  And there is absolutely no ‘crashing’ feeling.

I would tell you about the Quercetin that in contains, Quercetin is found in fruits and veggies and is a natural antioxidant, but telling you that it’s found in fruits and veggies should tell it all. I love anything healthy. It’s good for you and that’s pretty much the bottom line. An energy drink that fights Free radicals, contains many of the B vitamins and Quercetin, an antioxidant found in fruits and veggies, and only cost me $6.95 to try, well, that should all speak for itself. If you are looking for something new, something real, something that really works. You must try FRS healthy energy drinks. They still offer their Free trials and you can get it at

There is a science behind their product, a science that absolutely works. If you are looking to change your life, FRS will help. Get out of your slump, get your energy back and start living your life to the fullest. You have these dreams you want to accomplish, these goals. You think about them often, but time goes by and days go by and then years and maybe you’ll get to accomplish them next year. Well, you are the co-creator of your destiny and if you don’t take action today, you’ll miss today. Your competition is going to get there first. Stop letting time go by and stop letting years go by and start taking action now. So if you can’t find the energy in your day, try FRS. Your mind will be sharp, your body will have the energy and you can set out to do all that you know you have to do. Today is going to pass by, and so is tomorrow and before you know it, you’re dead. Life is only what you make of it and starting to get your mind and body back on track can be the best investment of your life and it only starts with $6.95. Do you have $6.95 to invest in yourself and in your future? I think if you want to do what you want in life, you have to make the conscience effort and take the steps to get yourself there. You know what you lack, it’s what most of us lack and the answer is “healthy energy.” Try it, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

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