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Random Stuff – In my sin…

In my sin and in my deepest aspirations I think. All that I am and ever wish to become of my Human self – What are my chances of becoming some thing far greater than myself? How could one possibly do it alone?

There are circumstances and obstacles that seem bad at first, but actually just introduce you to new things, a new way of living, a new understanding and appreciation for life.

We all desire and have in our hearts, it is an innate instinct – A born demand to search for an understanding to life. Who can we cry out our sorrows to? There is no other way man will find peace and understanding in his own life.

I would rather die being wrong as well as living a life with some peace; than be wrong and having to pay the price. Anger comes from circumstances.

People seem to be mad at the world for what their life consists of. Stop the baby cry, we all have rough lives. Not one of us is free from pain. Not one of us has yet to feel the hurt of obstacles that were only built to make us stronger. We need to take hurt and pain in our lives and turn it to love. You will gain an empowerment in your life, over your life.

Peace is invaluable: Peace is priceless; Peace is happiness.

Peace is the ultimate prize.

The Gift.

That which we all strive to attain.

Sandra Torres

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