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Spiritual Awareness

You are what you consume
That which you allow into your mind
Only a figment be destroyed by the wind
What does your heart desire?

What goes in is what comes out
Absorb goodness and give it
Why is it so hard to love
a stranger and any common man?

Hurt by our transgressions
Hatred becomes the broken man
Deep beyond his wounds his memory reflects
There is hurt and pain in all of us.

All that I am and all that I wish to become
Is but a moment in time
I have consumed the very essence that I desire to be
To be the gift that God has given me
My spirit, my purpose, my life.

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In the midst of all I am…

May 20, 2010 1 comment

In the midst of all that I am
I am free to be
I have been given a gift
A gift of reason
A gift of desire for wisdom
A gift of purpose
And meaning
And life

In the midst of all that I am
The collection of my desires
Of my dreams
The whole of my existence
Is measured by my mere efforts
To manifest my thoughts

In the midst of all that I am
I am a Creator

Just in General

Who am I?

I am an independent thinker

I am sensitive to human emotions and life struggles

I am all woman

Strong, Nurturing, Survivor

I am a servant to the most high

I will hold true to his promises for me

What would life be without Him?

Sandra Torres

The Write To My Emotions

I sometimes have to pour my heart or mind out on paper,
depending on the location of my emotion
In the search to empty myself so that I may grow,
So I write.
I cannot hold it in any longer.
It desires to pour out of me.
I cannot control it sometimes.
It is my passion, my thoughts, whatever is on my mind.
Fighting for existence
So I write.

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