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The Real 'Fake' Housewives of NJ

September 7, 2010 5 comments

ok, ok… I know this here can be a debate -full for all you fans.  For all you housewives and fans out there I’m going to tell you how I see it.  How this strongminded Jersey girl sees the fools of the housewives of NJ.

One by one.

Teresa Guidice – Ugh… sweety get over yourself. You’re a grown woman with a big mouth. That big mouth obviously got you in trouble.   You’re having marital issues, you think you are all that. You think you are really tough don’t you?  Big bark is all you got sweety. Be a woman and act like a lady. How dare you push Andy Cohen? I hope he sues you for whatever you have left.   A mother of 4 or 5 girls, I’ve lost count already, needs to act like a mother and role model. Don’t be too quick to judge Danielle when you can’t even act mature yourself.   You, sweety, are not any better than Danielle.

Jacqueline Laurita – I kinda like you, you seem sincere. You seem to have a great intelligent husband that can ground you.  Don’t follow in Teresa’s footsteps though.  You’re asking for trouble if you do.  Stay the independent thinker you are.

Danielle Staub– Poor Danielle. I’m not on your side but I’m not against you. I can see the sincerity of needing to feel accepted and not wanting to be judged by your past.   I may not agree with all that you do.  But I forgive you for your past, and after Teresa’s need for attention this season, I kinda like you.   I feel bad for you.  I am not God to judge you like the rest of the world wants to.  I’ll leave that up to him. I do think you need some good quality friends. Everyone seems to be using you for either a punching bag or for camera air time like Kim G.

Kim G – Ugh.. not a housewife.. but a wanna be housewife.

Caroline Manzo – I really like you, I follow you on facebook.  But this reunion show showed me something about you.  This motherly figure everyone wants to portray you as is gone in my eyes.  You are seemingly too wise to be so judgemental of others. You seem to feel like you know everything and you are not willing to grow as an individual.  A woman and mother to me is forgiving and has forgiveness character traits.  Stop rolling your eyes, you are not as perfect as you want everyone to think.  You spend more time being judgemental of Danielle than acting like a strong mother as you should.

Dina– Good move.  Who wants to deal with the drama?

So now Danielle has left the show.  Bravo must have 2 new participants in mind for next season. Because Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresa are just way too boring.

iVote these ladies… ‘Ugh’ – Act like REAL ladies.  But maybe this show would be boring without the drama. Anyway, Bravo please bring on an intelligent grounded person like Sonya from NY.

That’s all for now.


Why does TD Bank need Regis and Kelly?

September 6, 2010 5 comments

You know, I always used to think that a celebrity sponsorship actually meant something.   If you have a celebrity backing up your product or service means something; It means you must be a good product or service.  Right?

I mean, if a celebrity is sponsoring a product, it makes me want to buy it or be a part of it, or does it?

The way a celebrity represents the company actually means so much to me as a consumer.  If a celebrity actually looks like he’s reading lines from a given script, is not too enthusiastic about the product and if he/she or them feel like “sell outs”  I can always tell. Because it always comes off in their appearance.

The first commercial for TD Banks that made Kelly Ripa actually look like she was reading such a long winded “they are so great speech” made me realize something, she didn’t seem to believe what she was saying, but TD Banks needed her to say it.  They ofcourse paid her to say it. So does that give credibility to TD Banks?

When I worked with a company a while back who happened to hire Joe Montana to represent us at a trade show. Considering the company actually failed to have good practices, made me realize the old truth that money talks to these celebrities and it doesn’t matter whether or not the company is good or not.

Celebrity representation does not actually mean much of anything to me today.

Whether celebrities believe in a product or not, money talks and if the check meets their wants, they will say what you want them to say, when you want them to say it.

Now I don’t shun this to every celebrity sponsorship, I am a big lover of FRS energy drinks and do actually believe Lance Armstrong drinks it because it makes sense for him to.  But I tried FRS because of their offer and after reading they have a multitude of athletes that actually use their product.  Although Lance Armstrong is the main face, they have multiple fans of their healthy energy product.

The crazy thing is now everytime I see a TD BANK commercial with Kelly Ripa, I actually think that bank ‘needs’ a celebrity sponsorship, because they are just not capable of earning their “quality customer service”  reputation without her.

The common people are the proof.  I believe the common person.

The fact of the matter is, money talks and celebrity’s do not always do their due diligence to see whether or not the company they are representing actually is a quality company that they believe in.

Do you actually think Kelly Ripa even has a bank account at TD Bank?  The answer is probably not.

Advertising and Branding has alot to do with who you can pay to represent your product, but quality can often fail.  Do not be fooled to thinking because a celebrity is sponsoring this product or service it actually means something. Today, it means absolutely nothing. Any company can hire an array of celebrities by going through their agents.

So it makes you think.

If you have a TD Bank account and either love or hate them please let me know in a comment below.  I’d rather get the facts from the common person and I would believe you any day of the week before I believe a celebrity.

So ‘I Vote’ TD Bank commercials thumbs down, whoever their ad agency is, needs to be changed, I truly believe they are doing more harm then good, since it all looks so apparently scripted out.

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